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Helping People With Unique Minds Live Happier Lives 


Transformational Hypnosis & Coaching for People with Aphantasia & ADHD

Education & Training on Aphantasia & ADHD for Hypnotherapists

Meet Your Guide

Dr Paulina Trevena

Hello! I'm Paulina.  

A Hypnotherapist and ADHD Coach. 

You know the feeling that something’s off but you don’t know what? 

​​That therapy’s not working for you, and you don’t know why?  

That you’re somehow different…?   


I only realised I had ADHD and Aphantasia in my 40s.  

Struggling with negative thinking and self-acceptance, I finally got the right support.  


It changed my life! ​Which is why I now want to help YOU.  


​Let’s make positive changes in your life together. ​

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Hypnotherapy & Coaching
for People with ADHD or Aphantasia

I use a blend of hypnosis, coaching and education to achieve the best results for you.   
Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool for personal transformation. Even if you have aphantasia and cannot picture things in your mind’s eye!    

Tailored Support for Unique Minds

So if you have aphantasia or ADHD and think change isn’t achievable for you…  
I’m your doctor! (PhD – not GP)  

Free yourself from negative thinking, anxiety, fears, or phobias…


It’s all within your reach. 

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Evidence-Based Solutions for Real Results

As an ex-academic, I’m all about research and 
evidence-based solutions to provide you with 

the best information and support I can.  

I do my own research into aphantasia 

and hypnosis. 

Have ADHD or Aphantasia?

Dragged down by negative thinking, anxiety, fears, or phobias?  

Don’t wait any longer to start living the life you deserve.  

Contact me today to begin your journey towards personal transformation and success. 

My methods are tried and tested, tailored to both visualisers and non-visualisers. 

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